Most homeowners give little thought to no thought to their garage door until it stops working. You are then force to make a decision on what materials should be used and what exactly could be wrong if this is the first time you’ve run into a garage door issue.

The springs in your garage are a much important part of a garage door than you might have realized. A number of consequences such as property damage, personal injury and even death could await a homeowner who has decided to gloss over the spring selection and installation. A spring replacement is a serious task and as such should only be performed by a professional and we are always here to help you at Garage Door Repair Lemon Grove.

The 2 most popular types of Garage Door Springs

There is a very broad range of differing spring types, however the two most popular categories are both the extension and Torsion Spring.

Extension Springs

Garage Door Extension Spring Lemon GroveAll extension springs are paired with safety cables.  Commonly found above the top tracks on both sides of the garage door, extension springs are usually what most garage doors will use. To open the door the spring extends providing a counterbalancing force to support the door. As the force is increased on the spring via opener or hand the spring expands.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Lemon Grove

Torsion Springs

Are a lot more varied when it comes to both wire sizes and lengths. Each on is calculated specifically based on the garage door weight, height, track, radius and more. Torsion Springs use torque to raise garage doors. Attached above the garage opening, torsion springs slowly twins and coil on the shaft whenever force is applied via hand or motor.

So which is Best?

Torsion Springs offer the ability to support more weight and last twice as long. It also has fewer exposed parts making it safer. Not only that, it makes the garage door very easy to open and close, due in part to the greater balance. Offering all theses positives also means that the prices are usually a greater price.

The benefits of a torsion spring system shouldn’t be overlooked, but the prices of extension springs make it the more commonly used of the two.


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