comparegalleryToday garage doors are much different from what they where back in the day. They’re much more advance, stronger, secure and require less maintenance to keep in good condition. You also have a wide range of styles, materials, and colors to choose from.

Lots of garage doors on the market have adapted with today’s technology. Many of them are made of steel that’s backed with a rigid foam. The warranties for most of theses steel doors usually start at 10 years.

Doors made of wood are starting to be use less due to regular maintenance and painting needed to be done for it to stay in good condition. There are some garage doors made of plastic and although plastic doors are still new to the scene they may eventually become the choice to use.

The plastic garage doors are very durable and lightweight. They also don’t required a lot of maintenance to keep in good shape. Unlike the garage doors that’s made of wood, the plastic doors are rot free.

Garage doors that’s made of plastic can carry 20 years or more for warranties.


Things To Know And Consider…


When it comes to cost it’s difficult to give an accurate price due to all the different sizes, decorative treatments, and some other variables. Usually steel garage doors are much cheaper than wood and plastic garage doors.

Any door you get custom work done to will cost you twice as much. So keep all these things in mind. With today’s technology you can get certain garage door openers that will help your door connect to the Internet.

With Internet access this can provide homeowners with more security and control of their garage doors. Homeowners will be able to control their door where ever they have Internet access. Rather it’s a computer, smartphone, or Tablet.

You’ll be able to use it to control all functions of the garage door and receive alerts whenever there’s unwanted guest trying to gain access to the door. This is a very powerful and useful piece of technology to have for the safety of your home.

Lots of newer garage doors also come with shaped edges between the sections of the door that will push fingers out from getting injured. This is great for homeowners that have families with little kids. Kids tend to do things like put their fingers in between sections for the door that can cause them to be smashed.

Over the years garage doors have got better as they evolve with technology. They will continue to advance over time and will offer greater protection as well as more features.